Catalina Island Nightlife

Catalina Island Nightlife

Catalina Island has a robust nightlife characterized by fine dining, music, dancing, karaoke, lively bars, live DJ music, and annual night events. Most restaurants offer diners top cuisines and have bars serving cocktails, beers, wine, microbrews, and other drinks.

Catalina Island boasts many family-friendly activities and events for bonding and lifetime memories. Besides the nightlife and family fun, there are many other unique annual events, such as the jazz festival and wine mixing, that leave great memories.

Let’s dive deeper into dining and nightlife on Catalina Island.

Catalina Island Nightlife and Dining

I planned to visit the island and decided to not only ask around but also research some of the favorite dining and nightlife spots in Avalon.

Catalina Island Nightlife

Here are some of the leading places.

El Galleon

The restaurant is a center of attraction, offering a festive atmosphere at night, live karaoke, and a full bar. You can expect to be entertained throughout the night, especially during special events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

Patrons enjoy a large selection of their favorite delicacies, such as aged steak, fresh fish, smoked barbecue chicken and ribs, and carefully selected appetizers. The hotel has an outdoor patio seating that is pet friendly and offers a great view of Avalon Bay.

Marlin Club

For over 75 years, Marlin Club has been offering memorable experiences to Avalon residents and visitors who patronize the club to dine, have fun, and explore the beautiful artifacts and décor. 

Family Fun at the Catalina Island

Marlin Club is fully equipped with a bar, large-screen TVs, live music, a jukebox, a video game, and a pool table, making it the go-to club for most visitors on the island. The club is the oldest on the island and is conveniently located a few steps from the Green Pier. It hosts various live events, and you can catch up on all the details on its events page.

Luau Larry’s

The restaurant is renowned for live music, dancing, great food and drinks, and a great ocean view. It has a full bar and live entertainment from Wednesday to Monday during summer and Friday to Saturday during winter. The hotel serves American cuisine in an outdoor setting with an option of beach dining.

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Lobster Trap 

The restaurant is reputed for its signature local lobster delicacy with shrimp stuffing. The establishment specializes in seafood but has many other foods, including tacos, pasta, sandwiches, and more. They are open for dinner and boast one of the best bars on the island. Patrons can enjoy beers, cocktails, and other drinks.

Catalina Island Nightlife

Bluewater Grill

Bluewater Grill is a popular restaurant reputed for seafood and cocktails. The restaurant features a stunning waterfront view of the harbor, beach, and casino, bringing out a casual, friendly, and relaxed environment. It’s great for groups owing to its extensive outdoor patio and pet-friendly space. The restaurant also features a full bar menu with draft beers and specialty cocktails.

Catalina Island Nightlife

The Locker Room

The Locker Room is one of the four main bars in Avalon. It boasts a sports bar with large screens, a pool, darts, and arcades.

Family Fun at the Catalina Island

Santa Catalina is a great choice for families looking for fun and memorable bonding sessions owing to its great blend of fun activities, great scenery, and great food. Avalon also offers various family-friendly activities on water and land and a scoop of everyone’s favorite ice cream and candy.

The island offers a wide range of activities, with many visitors being spoilt for choice. Families can go hiking, fishing, zip-lining, rock climbing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, or biking. 

Family Fun at the Catalina Island

Another great family fun option is exploring the marine life, scuba diving, on a glass bottom boat tour, or mini bowling. When not in the mood for adventure, visiting the beaches, the local library, or the museums is a great option.

A family trip on the island won’t be complete without the kids visiting the playgrounds for fun. There are various parks with playgrounds, such as Knabe Park, a pirate-themed playground featuring a water fountain, volleyball, and basketball courts.

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Avalon City Park features a playground, a large lawn area, a BBQ pit, and picnic tables. Avalon’s kid’s park has a fitness court with workout equipment for all ages, a playground, large lawns, picnic tables, and a dog park. The Skate Park is adorned with beautiful murals from local artists and is a favorite destination for children. It features a ramp, rails, half-pipe, and picnic tables.

Family Fun at the Catalina Island

The island offers a unique blend of adventure, dining, and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for families seeking fun and a friendly getaway. After a long day in the woods,  you can visit a local spa for a relaxing massage. Unlike before, when this was reserved for adults, parents can enjoy massage sessions with their kids. The island has great hotels offering accommodation to families. You can also opt to camp, a perfect bonding session.

Annual Night Events in Catalina Island

Catalina boasts many annual night events and festivals that leave most visitors spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a concert on the beach, wine mixing, or a cultural celebration, there’s something for everyone. Below are some of the annual night events

Annual Night Events in Catalina Island
  • The Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival features over 30 jazz stars performing at the Avalon Casino Ballroom and Descanso Beach Club. The event runs for two consecutive weekends in October. The annual event celebrates smooth jazz, featuring world-class performers.
  • Catalina Wine Mixer is a fun-filled event that features live entertainment, live music, wine tasting, whisky and spirits tasking, and an exclusive wine pairing.
  • The Annual 4th July Dinner and Fireworks features day-long celebrations culminating in a barbecue dinner and a marching band performance. At 9 p.m., there’s a fireworks show over Avalon Bay.
  • Avalon New Year’s Eve Gala: The event features a gourmet dinner, dancing, and a classic midnight balloon drop. The event is hosted at the Avalon Casino Ballroom.

Conclusion on Catalina Island Nightlife

Catalina Island nightlife is abuzz, with so many activities and dining options to pick from. Whether you choose fine dining, dancing, watching your favorite game at a sports bar, playing pool, or clubbing, there’s something for everyone. Get to the island for fun-filled family activities that create great bonds and lifetime memories.

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