Catalina Island In June

Catalina Island In June

Catalina Island is a top-notch day trip destination from Los Angeles for California residents. It offers a taste of island life, just a short distance from the mainland. When considering the ideal time to explore Catalina Island, summer is the perfect season for those seeking to enjoy extended periods in the water.

While June marks the beginning of pleasant summer weather on the island, accommodation prices tend to rise during this peak season.

June Weather On Catalina Island

As spring transitions into summer, June continues Catalina’s dry season with pleasant daytime highs in the low 70s°F, cooler nights, and minimal rainfall. The island sees high levels of sunshine in June, with over 14 hours of daylight. Skies stay mainly clear aside from occasional marine fog layers.

June offers reliably good weather for Catalina’s scenic outdoor pursuits, such as kayaking, hiking, and snorkeling, before the hottest days and biggest crowds of summer arrive. Low precipitation also makes sightseeing reliably enjoyable.

Average Temperature On Catalina Island In June

The average temperature on Catalina Island in June is 65°F (18.3°C), with highs of  73°F (22.7°C),  while average lows dip down to around 59°F (15°C) overnight. However, with Catalina’s diverse microclimates, temperatures can vary across different areas of the island. The moderating ocean influence prevents extreme heat or cold.

Average Temperature On Catalina Island In June

Pack layers of light clothing like shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, pants, and light sweaters that can be added or removed. The drop in temperatures after sunset merits an extra layer for evenings. Ocean winds can make the shoreline feel cooler during afternoons.

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In June?

June continues Catalina’s peak sunny season, with clear blue skies gracing the island throughout the month. The summer solstice occurs in June, marking the year’s longest day. The island sees an average of 275 hours of bright sunshine over the month, with 14.3 hours between sunrise and sunset.

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In June?

The extensive daylight and sunny conditions mean prime tanning and beach conditions. Pack sunglasses, hats, and high-SPF sunscreen to protect against intense UV exposure when sightseeing outdoors or enjoying the shoreline. Seeking some afternoon shade is wise to avoid dehydration and burns.

Does It Rain In June?

As Catalina enters its dry season, rain becomes very unlikely in June, with just a 0-1% average chance of precipitation on any given day. If any rain falls, the entire month only averages 0.0-0.1 inches, making showers an anomaly. June on Catalina is generally very dry.

Does It Rain In June

While umbrellas are often unnecessary, a foldable poncho can still offer insurance in case of a rare passing spring shower. Beach or boating excursions are nearly guaranteed to stay dry, but historically, they have had minimal June rainfall.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In June?

Similar to Catalina Island weather in May, the refreshing ocean breezes and very low rainfall keep Catalina’s air feeling dry in June. The average humidity level is 0% on the lower end of the humidity scale. The air dries further as summer progresses.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In June?

These sunny but not muggy conditions contribute to June’s pleasant island weather. However, moisturizer and consistent hydration are still recommended. The cool ocean also offers quick relief from episodes of stickiness on hotter June days.

How Windy Is Catalina Island In June?

Catalina experiences its breeziest weather during the transitional spring months. By June, average wind speeds diminish to around 7.5 miles per hour as summer stability sets in. Gusts rarely disrupt activities.

How Windy Is Catalina Island In June?

The winds help counteract the warm June air and make time on the sunny shore more comfortable. However, sudden gusts may still occur, so secure any loose items. If winds kick up while boating or other water sports, seek protected coves.

Is The Water Warm In June?

As spring approaches summer, Catalina’s ocean continues to warm up. June averages sea surface temperatures around 64°F but can reach up to 66°F on warmer days late in the month. This approaches Catalina’s warmest ocean temperature of the year.

Is The Water Warm In June?

For swimmers and water sports lovers, June brings ideal conditions to enjoy Catalina’s beautiful blue Pacific waters without needing wetsuit coverage. Snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and other aquatic adventures become even more pleasant undertakings.

Best Times to Visit Catalina Island

June offers fabulous weather for an island vacation before peak summer crowds and rates hit their height. The dry, sunny days fully exploit Catalina’s scenic outdoor offerings. Late June tends to have the highest chance of dry skies.

If sizzling hot weather is appealing, July-September sees the hottest temperatures. May and October also offer lovely sunny weather for smaller crowds and lower fares. Year-round, Catalina’s mild climate means great conditions for an island escape.

Still have questions? Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Does Catalina Island get June gloom?

Yes, periods of low clouds and fog called June gloom can impact the mainland coast but don’t typically reach Catalina due to its offshore location. Catalina stays sunnier.

Can you swim on Catalina Island in June?

Yes, the average water temperature in June is 64°F, quite comfortable for swimming and water sports. The ocean continues to warm as June progresses, reaching up to 66°F.

What is the hottest month on Catalina Island?

July and August tie in Catalina’s hottest months, with average high temperatures around 75°F. However, the moderating ocean influence prevents excessive heat.

Is Catalina Island cold in June?

No, Catalina Island is mild and pleasant in June, with average high temperatures in the low 70s. Overnight lows in the high 50s can feel chilly, but days are ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

How long does June Gloom last in LA?

June gloom’s low clouds and fog tend to dissipate by early July in Southern California as the subtropical high strengthens. Catalina Island stays sunnier than the mainland throughout.

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