How Much is Ziplining on Catalina Island?

how much is ziplining in catalina island

The Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour delivers a thrilling high-altitude adventure at reasonable price points for an outing, offering incredible aerial views, adrenaline euphoria, and customized logistics handled efficiently.

Pricing starts at $286 USD per person (as of 2023). This covers:

  • Roundtrip Avalon hotel shuttle & ferry transit
  • Transport to Descanso Canyon Zip Line Tour basecamp
  • Use of tour harness & gear (helmets, gloves)
  • 5 consecutive zip lines at heights of up to 1,100 feet off the floor
  • Professional photo package with USB
  • Guide gratuities
  • Keepsake cloth gear bags and towels

Package upgrades include:

  • GoPro video and editing add-on – $100
  • 60-minute private ocean kayaking tour – $79 
  • Box lunches or snack bags ranging from $15-$20 each

Regular retail ziplining at Descanso Canyon requires $119 direct reservations but only covers the actual tour; no transport, photos, or transfers are included, unlike the combo package.

Availability varies seasonally, with extra summer season additions to accommodate tourists. Yet limited Daily slots persist, implying booking months in advance, deferring to weekends or cruise port call days for best availability windows, and maximizing awe-inspiring two-hour adrenaline adventures exploring interesting aspects of Catalina Island.

Ziplining on Catalina Island

how much is ziplining in catalina island

Southern California’s quintessential island getaway ups the adventure ante by introducing the Zip Line Eco Tour, operational since 2021, much to the delight of visitors craving moderate-risk outlets.

Expansive zip lines built by channeling expert Mountain Zip Lines at heights of 300 feet off valley floors, giving family groups, teens, and fearless couples rare glimpses across Descanso’s craggy ravines from unique viewpoints only airborne cable traversals make possible weekdays and weekends scheduled year-round good weather providing.

Fast Facts on Catalina Island Ziplining

This heart-pounding zipline tour is designed for adventure seekers ages ten years and older seeking bold new heights up to 600 feet in the air at 40 miles per hour speeds.

The journey will last approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, from hotel shuttle pickups to gearing up and completing all five ziplines within stunning Descanso Canyon.

Participants must weigh between 80 and 240 pounds to join, given the cables’ dynamic tension tolerances.

The zipline is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible due to the rugged terrain and elevation changes, with pregnancy and specific health conditions also presenting restrictions needing consideration beforehand.

Convenience remains paramount with transportation logistics all bundled together, including roundtrip hotel shuttles heading out from Avalon, boat transfers, and use of the specialized ziplining harness and gloves to whip nearly one-third mile steaking through Catalina’s interior without passengers needing to bring any special provisions along or arrive overly early.

Don’t delay reserving your spot early as availability is restricted and sells out completely, especially during Catalina Island’s bustling summer high season, welcoming crowds eager to zipline into vacation stories. Get an idea of what a tour here is like!

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour Itinerary

how much is ziplining in catalina island

Pack high adrenaline appetites mixed with flexible timetables when booking Catalina Island’s pulse-pounding zip line escapades since tours cover extensive ground, marrying transportation logistics seamlessly with the zip experience itself conveniently:

7-8 AM Hotel Shuttles

Catch earliest hotel shuttles from lodgings island-wide, routing visitors into Avalon’s tourist heart to rendezvous with the 9:50 AM Catalina Express bound for mainland Long Beach next.

10 AM Check-ins

Check-in is a minimum of 20 minutes beforehand to digitally sign waivers and get outfitted with helmets, tethers, and zip gloves essential for every participant’s safety along successive high wires.

 Guides thoroughly review protocols and proper body positioning before heading upland.

11 AM Zip Line Eco Tour Launch

Climb aboard open-air cruisers, trekking 15 exhilarating minutes deeper, crossing into the island interior bound for secluded Descanso Canyon Base Camp.

Stunning glimpses of distant peaks and ridgelines surround, previewing the lofty traverse avenues ahead once boots hit red clay earth at the Zip Line reception booth near the beach.

11:30 AM Zip Lining Begins

Trolley upland even higher, reaching launch points where guides cover safety essentials, zipping body mechanics, and overview island history nuggets before clipped guests make inaugural leaps spanning 600+ foot sections one at a time.

Repeat four more times, progressively admiring the impressive viewscapes between runs that sometimes reveal curious island foxes or iconic buffalo herds roaming valleys below across five total lines sequentially.

1:30 PM Conclude Ziplining

After approximately 60 minutes of near nonstop aerial action, bid farewell to canyon high wires looking backward across the cascading topography just revealed from airborne angles imaginable. Only Wings provides uniquely special moments amongst newfound zip line companies. Certain to foster quick camaraderie defying Gravity’s norms high overhead.

3:00 PM Scheduled Return Ferries

Depart camp base promptly by cruiser, ending spine-tingling high wire episodes in favor of golden afternoons ahead, still exploring shoreline adventures back around Avalon or simply reminiscing moments already treasured, basking in the lingering thrill ricocheting through muscles and minds pleasantly fatigued but wowing wide-eyed still the same against Pacific breezes.

Catalina Zip Line Experience

how much is ziplining in catalina island

The zip line experience offers a thrilling ride across the beautiful yet rugged Catalina Island interior as guests traverse five separate zip lines.

 From the elevated launch platforms situated 600 feet off the canyon floor, guests zip out in dramatic style, careening at 40 mile-per-hour speeds along steel cables spanning up to a breathtaking 1,100 feet long.

 Keep eyes wide open while zipping to take in one-of-a-kind perspectives of rolling valleys and jagged ridgelines formed over eons.

 At each platform, friendly, knowledgeable guides guide guests with intriguing aspects of Catalina Island’s cultural and natural history before clipping them to the next airborne adventure.

 Zip tour availability fluctuates between seasons, with additional opportunities opening up, especially throughout the busy summer tourist months, to meet demand from adventure seekers flocking to Catalina year-round specifically to thrill in Descanso Canyon’s adrenaline-charged zipline tour, taking exploration to new highs few will ever forget!

Where to Meet for the Zip Line Tour

how much is ziplining in catalina island

All bookings commence centrally from Avalon, then shuttle participants to the tucked away zip line staging grounds, making convenience keys for rendezvous spots like:

  • Descanso Beach Club (meeting point is the Descanso Beach Cove Zip Line booth)
  • Island Tours Plaza
  • Casino Building Exterior

What to Bring

  • T-shirt or moisture-wicking shirt
  • Shorts or athletic pants for warm weather. Leggings or hiking pants for cool weather.
  • Closed-toe athletic shoes. Hiking shoes or boots also work well.
  • Layers like a light jacket or sweatshirt in case it gets cool, especially if going in the morning or evening
  • Brimmed hat for sun protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera/GoPro to capture photos while ziplining

Focus on dressing for the weather, sun protection, and athletic mobility. Bring secure closed-toe footwear and clothing that won’t catch on the equipment. Hydrate well and fuel up with snacks. Most importantly, approach the tour with an adventurous spirit and excitement for amazing aerial views!

How long is the Catalina zipline tour?

The total zip line experience lasts approximately two hours and fifteen minutes, including inland transit each way, safety briefings, harnessing, and completing all five ziplines sequentially.

How old do you have to be to zipline in Catalina?

You must be at least 10 years of age and eighty pounds weight to join this zipline tour. Maximum weights reach 240 pounds for solo riders (Those weighing less than 80 lbs must ride tandem with another participant).

Do I need a reservation for the Zip Line Eco Tour?

Yes, slots are limited, especially on cruise ship port days, so book well in advance online to guarantee ideal tour timing daily.

How early do I need to check in for my Zip Line Eco Tour?

Arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled tour starts to complete digital liability waivers and get fully outfitted in the provided gear, plus safety orientations lasting roughly thirty minutes.

Are there restrooms available on the Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour?

Yes – restrooms lie within the Descanso Beach Club mainland adjacent to the Zip Line tour operator’s office, the jump-off point reaching the upland canyon launch zones. Use facilities before suiting up!

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