Parasailing on Catalina Island  

Parasailing on Catalina Island  

Parasailing tours allow adventurous visitors to harness sea breezes and soar effortlessly over iconic Avalon Harbor and Catalina’s rugged golden coastlines. Securely tethered to parachutes while towed via speedboat, this popular activity grants unique aerial perspectives from 800 feet up for old Hollywood backdrops that take island memories to new heights.

Catalina Island Parasailing Adventure

After boarding customized powerboats with raised towing platforms, the crew equips groups of 1-6 riders with optimal gear for comfort and security. That includes canvas sling seats with shoulder harnesses connected directly to the parachute lines. As the vessel accelerates to catch tailwinds, you’re aiding to rise and release the sail until it is safely airborne just minutes later.

Parasailing on Catalina Island  

What to Expect

Most tours allow each group nearly an hour to capture nonstop spectacular sights around Avalon and just offshore. Boats typically reach top speeds of 10-15mph while experienced captains maneuver downwind to sustain airtime between 600-800 feet high. You’ll get to peer down on Catalina landmarks like the iconic Casino building, lush Descanso Canyon, and yacht-strewn harbor area from rare views. Few island perspectives feel as liberating as harnessing sea breezes keeping you effortlessly afloat over sparkling Channel waters.

Parasailing on Catalina Island  

What to Bring

Wear light layers appropriate for seasonable island conditions when prepping for a parasailing adventure. Temperatures can fluctuate between sun exposure aloft and cooling breezes or fog. Secure closed-toed footwear helps maneuver the boats. Consider securing sunglasses, and don’t forget motion sickness remedies if susceptible—though gentle rides minimize discomfort for most. Pack smiles and awe while soaking in the sweeping island views ahead!

Parasailing on Catalina Island  


Parasailing tours maintain high safety standards but cannot accommodate riders under 6 years old or over 450 pounds. Certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy, recent surgery, and cardiac and blood pressure issues, may also limit eligibility without medical consent. Wheelchair access is extremely limited currently, though operators try their best to accommodate differently abled riders. High winds and storms occasionally cancel tours, though companies issue rain checks until conditions improve.

Parasailing on Catalina Island  

Where to Meet

  • IWC Parasail Booth & Ride
  • Green Pleasure Pier, Avalon, CA 90704

Visitors can book parasailing rides up to 6 months in advance online for best availability and rates around $70-95 per person based on group sizes and flight durations. Otherwise, grab same-day tickets at the booth if open slots allow. Either way, meeting 15 minutes early allows time for waivers and harness fittings. Soon, you’ll be drifting over postcard coastal scenery redefined only from new heights!

Parasailing on Catalina Island  

Key Takeaways

  • Age Requirements: The minimum age to go parasailing is 6 years old with a guardian. Younger children, unfortunately, cannot be safely accommodated.
  • Tour Duration: Plan for tours to take about 1 hour and 15 minutes total to complete. Approximately 5-10 minutes is the actual airtime per group.
  • Location Info: Tours check-in and depart from Green Pleasure Pier in Avalon Harbor, the main launch point.
  • Weight Allowances: All riders must weigh between 90 and 450 pounds for harness safety and proper flight balance. Groups can combine weights in tandem.
  • Accessibility Challenges: Due to climbing harnesses and vessel offloading, wheelchair access is extremely limited. Contact operators directly to inquire about potential accommodations.
  • Health Restrictions: Certain medical conditions will prevent eligibility. Parasailing can aggravate a history of heart conditions, blood pressure issues, back injuries, and motion sickness. Doctor clearance may be required.
  • Weather Limitations: Stormy weather, lightning, or choppy seas could delay or cancel tours at the last minute due to safety concerns and the inability to catch wind power.
Parasailing on Catalina Island  

Still have questions? Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions. 

How much does parasailing cost at Catalina Island?

Standard rates through operators like IWC Parasail Tours run $79 per person for 800-foot flights or $69 for shorter 15-minute 600-foot rides. However, groups of up to 6 riders can split tandem flights in paired harnesses to reduce individual costs. Spectators simply along for the boat ride pay just $25 each for onboard seating and shoreline sights.

How high is the parasailing at Catalina Island?

Most Catalina parasailing tours peak around 800 feet high once they catch full wind power, though heights fluctuate between 600 and 800 feet depending on weather, loads, and the captain’s discretion. Even their “low” altitude exceeds most seaside cliffs, and Avalon Harbor offers world-class views on crystal days with unlimited visibility.

What do you wear to parasailing on Catalina Island?

In summer, shorts or swimsuits work great for harness comfort. Cooler months favor layered athletic apparel and windbreakers. Closed-toed footwear helps on wet boats. Given the aerial theatrics, securing valuables and sunglasses prevents losses. Ultimately, dress for the sun, potential temperature shifts, and excitement—views deserve cheers, not chills!

How much does it cost to go to Catalina Island?

Roundtrip ferry passage aboard the Catalina Express ranges from $78 to $84, depending on departure harbor. Fares cover the desired port: Long Beach, San Pedro, Dana Point, or Newport Beach. Helicopter charters run about $250 per person. Verify carriers’ current pricing for the latest seats across the 22-mile channel.

How long do you stay up while parasailing?

Expect around 6-8 minutes of airtime per flight, depending on weather, weights, and group sizes. The tour experience includes check-in, safety briefings, gearing up, and secure transitions by boat crew, often lasting 45-60 minutes roundtrip.

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