Can You Smoke Weed on Catalina Island?

Can You Smoke Weed on Catalina Island

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The answer is yes. However, the law prohibits smoking in specific locations such as inside public buildings, on elevators except those in private residences, and on any public beach along Crescent Avenue.

However, weed smoking is prohibited in outdoor service areas, including public spaces where people use or wait for government services, such as public transport waiting bays. If you smoke other products besides Cannabis, you are restricted from smoking on the Pleasure Pier and only permitted on the foot of the pier and the area bordered by Los Angeles County’s Lifeguard Office.

Besides smoking, waste from smoking weed and related products should be disposed of in disposal containers. Failure to follow these rules attracts various fines depending on the frequency of violation within a year. Non-exclusive remedies and penalties may also apply.

Let’s explore your questions about smoking weed on Catalina Island, including hotels with smoking rooms.

Is Weed Legal on Catalina Island

Is Weed Legal on Catalina Island

Weed is legal in Catalina Island. The city allows the cultivation of cannabis for personal and medical use. However, some rules and regulations control usage, activity, disposal, cultivation, and delivery service businesses available on the City of Avalon’s website.

The city regulations allow the growth of Cannabis for medical and non-medical use, though there are strict procedures. Cultivation is allowed on enclosed and properly secured structures to ensure it’s not visible to the public. If you are cultivating Cannabis for personal use, there’s a restriction of a cumulative total of six cannabis plants on a property, regardless of the number of people occupying it.

If you plan to use cannabis for medical reasons, you qualify to cultivate more than six plants. However, you must be a qualified patient with a valid medical marijuana identification card issued by the State Department of Health Services or a  primary caregiver.

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State of California and Los Angeles Weed Regulations

Weed is legal in the state of California. However, this may not be the case in different states and cities since each has different regulations.

According to the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC), in California, 44% of counties and cities in the state allow at least one type of weed business, while 56% do not allow any type. 61% of the cities and counties do not allow any retail weed business.

Cannabis business in the State of California falls under two categories. The state licensing issues licenses based on the business’s activity and the city and county rules, which offer licenses depending on the location.

The state licenses cannabis businesses for various licenses, including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing labs, retail, and microbusiness. Cities and counties, on the other hand, have the power to license or prohibit all cannabis businesses or license some and prohibit others.

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Cities also have the power to have different rules from the county. This mainly applies to unincorporated parts. Catalina Island, for instance, is unincorporated and, therefore, may be forced to follow Los Angeles County licensing rules. Incorporated cities have their own rules on Cannabis licensing, and these rules do not need to align with those of the county where the city is located.

Counties and cities in California can also license a cannabis business and still put restrictions such as limiting the number of businesses licensed.

If you are 18 years and above, you can buy cannabis for medicinal use with a physician’s recommendation. If you are 21 or older, you can buy for adults or non-medicinal use. It’s important to note that some counties and cities have stricter rules, which may not apply. The best approach is to check the specific city or county’s website to learn more and avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Weed Regulations in California

The City of California only allows you to use Cannabis on private property. If you are above 21, you can grow six cannabis plants at home. However, some counties and cities may require you to have a permit. All Cannabis retailers and those offering cannabis delivery services must have a DCC license.

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As a retailer, you should observe strict rules such as not selling to minors, ensuring all your products are tested, and the amount of CBD and THC accurately labeled. You are also supposed to display your license on the window for clients to see. Clients can also scan the QR code on the license certificate to verify whether a retailer is legit. DCC has a license search section on its website where you can find a licensed retailer.

Weed Regulations in Los Angeles

Weed is legal in Los Angeles, though consumption must be reserved for private settings. There are age and other restrictions, just as with the state regulations. If you are familiar with the State of California requirements, there’s little difference compared to the county requirement. However, you should keep tabs if there are changes in the county laws such as Cannabis procedures, location restrictions, advertising, enforcement, and taxation. 

Hotels with Smoking Rooms on Catalina Island

If you enjoy smoking, you can rest assured you will still enjoy a perfect puff on Catalina Island. Smoking on the island may be restricted to private residences, but this does not mean you miss out. The island boasts various hotels with smoking rooms, ensuring your personal needs are catered for and convenience guaranteed. Some of the leading hotels on the island with smoking rooms include:

  •        Hotel Catalina, Whittley Avenue, Avalon, CA
  •        Casa Mariquita Hotel, Metropole Avenue , Avalon,CA
  •        El Terado Terrace, 230 Marilla Avenue, Avalon,CA
  •       Seacrest Inn, 201 Clarissa Avenue, Avalon, CA
  •       The Pavilion Hotel, 513 Crescent Avenue, Avalon, CA

It’s important to note that smoking rooms may attract an additional surcharge since you enjoy an extra service. However, this should not worry you while visiting Catalina Island. With five hotels to select from, you can always bargain for the best price.


It’s legal to smoke weed on Catalina Island. Several hotels on the island have invested in smoking rooms, so you don’t have to worry about missing your usual puff or the city’s rules that restrict you from smoking in public places.

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