Santa Catalina Island Weather in February

Catalina Island Weather In February

Craving a warm weather escape to sunny shores this winter? Then, a February getaway to Catalina Island may be just what your soul needs. Located just 22 miles off the coast of Long Beach, this Southern California island paradise boasts warm temperatures and bright blue skies throughout February, making it an ideal off-season retreat.

This guide will give you the full low-down on Catalina Island’s February weather. You can also read about Catalina Island in March. Let’s get back to Catalina Island in February. From average temperatures and rainfall chances to packing essentials and the best things to do during the shorter winter days, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan your perfect February island vacay!

February Weather In Catalina Island

While much of the continental US freezes under gloomy gray skies come February, Catalina Island sees over double the sunshine LA does during this “off-season” month. High temperatures hover comfortably in the mid-60s most days—a delightful 40 degrees warmer than the East Coast chill!

Expect Catalina’s February weather to entice you outdoors to play with pleasantly mild, mostly dry conditions. A light sweater or windbreaker should sufficiently go with the occasional passing breeze from the ocean. Read on for more details on accurate weather averages and need-to-know info for your February Catalina escape!

Average Temperature In Catalina Island In February

Catalina Island Weather In February

The typically mild Mediterranean climate of Southern California extends out to Catalina Island. In February, average highs reach 64°F, with nighttime average lows dipping to around 53°F. This averages 58°F on the Island.

While occasional cold fronts may blow through, dropping temps into the 50s, wintertime highs in the 70s also frequently occur, making things feel downright summery. Catalina Island averages highs about 5-10 degrees cooler than the LA coastal areas in February.

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In February

Catalina Island Weather In February

A sun-filled trip is nearly guaranteed if you visit Catalina Island in February. During this month, the island sees sunshine 80% of the time, which averages 11 hours daily and 221 hours throughout the month. Daily cloud coverage sits at just 20% on average.

So, while the winter days are shorter than the summer season, you can still expect those revitalizing rays and vibrant blue skies for at least a good portion of each February day.

Does It Rain In February

Catalina Island Weather In February

Yes, It rains in February! Catalina Island only expects about 2.7-2.9 inches of rain during the entire month, so precipitation is generally pretty scarce in February. Rain falls on just 5 days of this month on average. So, while brief passing showers remain a possibility, they rarely last too long or dampen outdoor adventures for very long.

If wet weather does sweep through, it often occurs during the first half and end of the month as Catalina’s “stormiest” stretch. But even then, rainfall on the island pales in comparison to winter precipitation on mainland USA.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In February

Catalina Island Weather In February

With relatively minimal rainfall, humidity levels correspondingly remain on the lower side during February. Average humidity rates are at a comfort level of 0%. So, while the air isn’t bone dry, the lack of mugginess keeps things pleasantly comfortable for taking in all of Catalina’s outdoor sights. Fog occasionally rolls through but burns off relatively early in the day.

How Windy Is Catalina Island In February

Catalina Island Weather In February

Situated just off the Southern California coast, Catalina Island sees its fair share of ocean breezes year-round. In February specifically, the average wind speed is at 9.1 mph. Gusts may pick up a bit more in the afternoons or on days when storm systems pass through. 

March and April are the windiest months, while July and August are the least windy. But overall, the island largely avoids intensely blustery conditions in February—just enough wind to cool you down without negatively impacting your experience!

Is The Water Warm In Catalina Island In February

If you plan to participate in Catalina’s water sports scene during your February visit, be aware that the ocean’s water temperatures are 59°F. So don’t expect bathwater conditions by any means!

But more adventurous travelers with dumb wetsuits won’t be completely deterred from diving, paddleboarding, or snorkeling around the island waters. On warmer inland days, sticking to the shallower, sand-adjacent waters can help take the edge off too!

Where to go in Santa Catalina Island in February

Catalina Island Weather In February

The lack of mainland crowds paired with generally fine weather makes February one of the best times to visit Catalina Island and have popular sights all to yourself. Top spots to enjoy during a February trip include:

  • Wandering Avalon’s quaint waterfront downtown shops and restaurants
  • Teeing off on Catalina Island Golf Course with fewer players to contend with
  • Beach lounging or surfing at Descanso Beach Club’s more sheltered south-facing cove
  • Photographing endless fields of bright orange poppies in full bloom across the island’s rugged interior

Best Things To Do On Catalina Island In February

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the Catalina fun stops; it just shifts focus a bit more to land-based activities. Here are a few top-rated tours and prime indoor spots to check out:

Golf Cart Tour

Zipping around Catalina’s charming Avalon town in an iconic golf cart remains a cherished pastime, rain or shine. Opt for the 60 or 90-minute inland Discovery Tour to learn about the island’s rich history and unique plant species as you ride along to scenic spots like the Botanical Gardens.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Catalina’s famously clear waters offer spectacular glimpses of bright orange Garibaldi fish and swaying kelp forests year-round. Hop aboard the glass-bottomed Atlantis vessel for an intriguing 40-minute underwater peek—no wetsuit required!

Semi-Submarine Tour

For next-level marine life viewing minus the cold plunge, try the Scuba Dog semi-sub. This window-lined seacraft submerges partially underwater for close-up looks at Catalina’s dazzling sea creatures through its portholes.

Catalina Island Weather In February

Catalina Island Casino Tour

This iconic landmark’s majestic circular dome looms large over Avalon Harbor as Catalina’s main architectural draw. Wander through the 1929 art deco icon’s fabulously ornate theater on a 60-minute walking tour to glimpse this historic cinema’s former Hollywood glamor days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Catalina Island In February

Is February the best time to visit Santa Catalina Island?

For avoiding crowds while enjoying mild weather, February is one of the better months to experience Catalina. The island sees fewer tourists than in the summer, but the weather remains relatively calm and sunny in February.

What’s the best time of year to go to Catalina Island?

Summer marks peak tourism season on Catalina with its swimmable waters and lively energy ( packed beaches and long ferry lines). For a balance of weather, smaller crowds, and lower rates, May, September, and October allow you to enjoy Catalina’s charm with less chaos.

Is it worth going to Catalina Island in the winter?

Absolutely! Fewer tourists in winter mean more elbow room to immerse yourself in Catalina’s natural splendor. Whale watching also thrives from December through April when gray whales migrate past. As long you come prepared with layers and rain gear as needed, winter makes for an incredibly low-key island escape.

How warm is Catalina Island in February?

Thanks to Southern California’s mild climate extending offshore, Catalina Island still sees a rather comfortable 58°F even in February. Lows drop into the 53°F  at night, so be sure to pack a light jacket.

Catalina Island Weather In February

How many days is enough in Catalina Island?

While you can tackle many top sights in a one-day Catalina Island trip, I recommend staying 2-3 nights minimum to soak up the island’s laidback vibes fully. Spreading out activities allows you to balance lazy beach days with adventuring at a relaxed pace.

Is Catalina Island tap water safe to drink?

Yes! Catalina pipes in pure drinking water from the mainland, so no need to buy bottled water and create unnecessary waste with plastic bottles during your sustainable island getaway.

What should I pack for Catalina Island?

The bulk of your February Catalina packing list should focus on lightweight layers you can easily shed as temps warm up: tank tops & t-shirts, pullover hoodies, versatile cardigans, pants, shorts, and breathable waterproof jackets all come in handy. Don’t forget sun protection either, like hats, sunglasses and SPF.

Is there an Uber on Catalina Island?

Nope! No rideshare services exist on Catalina. But the island does offer a reliable bus system connecting Avalon’s main sights at affordable rates per ride. Iconic golf carts remain one of the best ways to scoot around this tiny city with the wind in your hair!

Catalina Island Weather In February

Still deciding if a February Catalina Island trip fits into your winter travel plans? Mild temperatures prevailing through this shoulder season month beckon you outdoors to enjoy crowd-free access to Catalina’s adventures, from underwater marine encounters to blooming orange poppy fields.

Catalina Island practically guarantees a good time no matter the month. Just be sure to pack some layers should any passing rainstorms or ocean breezes blow through. Then it’s nothing but a carefree island living as soon as you hop off that ferry and onto Catalina’s sunny shores! Let the good times roll in this little slice of Mediterranean heaven off the Southern California coast this February!

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