Catalina Island In December

Catalina Island In December

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to spend your December, consider a trip to the beautiful Catalina Island. While the weather may be cooler and rainier than in other months, there’s still plenty to see and do on this charming island.

Let’s look at everything you need to know about Catalina Island’s weather in December and what to expect during your visit.

December Weather In Catalina Island

December on Catalina Island brings cooler temperatures, more rain, and cloudier skies compared to the spring, summer, and fall months. The water temperature is also colder, making for a rough ferry ride to the island. 

If you’re prone to seasickness, visiting Catalina Island during the winter may not be your best choice. However, if you don’t mind the cooler weather and occasional rain, you can still enjoy the island’s beauty and festivities during this time of year.

Average Temperature In Catalina Island In December

In December, the average temperature on Catalina Island is 58°F (14°C). During the day, temperatures can reach a high of 65°F (18°C), while at night, they can drop to a low of 53°F (11°C). 

Average Temperature In Catalina Island In December

Remember that early December tends to be slightly warmer, with temperatures gradually decreasing as the month progresses. To stay comfortable during your visit, it’s a good idea to pack warm layers and a waterproof jacket.

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In December?

Despite the cooler weather, Catalina Island still receives an average of 220 hours of sunshine throughout December. Each day offers approximately 10 hours of daylight, giving you plenty of time to explore the island’s attractions and participate in various activities. 

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In December?

While you may encounter more cloudy days than in other months, you can still enjoy the island’s natural beauty and charming atmosphere.

Does It Rain In December?

December is one of the rainier months on Catalina Island. Compared to the fall and spring months, December has a higher chance of rainy days, with an 11-18% probability of precipitation. 

Does It Rain In December?

If it does rain during your visit, expect around 1.4-2.3 inches of rainfall throughout the month. Don’t let the rain discourage you from visiting; just pack an umbrella or rain jacket, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the island’s cozy indoor attractions and festivities.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In December?

December on Catalina Island is not particularly humid compared to other months. The humidity comfort level is 0%, meaning you can expect comfortable, dry air during your visit.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In December

This makes exploring the island’s outdoor attractions pleasant and allows you to participate in various activities, even if the temperatures are cooler.

How Windy Is Catalina Island In December?

December on Catalina Island can be windy, with an average wind speed of 9 mph. While this is higher than the calmer months of July and August, it’s still lower than the windiest months of March and April.

How Windy Is Catalina Island In December?

The windy conditions can add a brisk feeling to the already cool air, so pack a warm jacket or windbreaker to stay comfortable during outdoor adventures.

Is The Water Warm In Catalina Island In December?

If you plan to dip in the ocean or participate in water activities during your December visit, remember that the water is quite cold this time of year. The average water temperature in December is 60°F, starting at 62°F in early December and dropping to 59°F by the end of the month. 

Is The Water Warm In Catalina Island In December

This is significantly colder than the water temperatures from June through October. If you brave the chilly waters, wear a wetsuit or other protective gear to stay warm and safe.

Holidays & Festivals In Catalina Island In December

Despite the cooler weather, December is a festive time on Catalina Island. If you’re planning a trip this month, be sure to check out these exciting events:

Holidays & Festivals In Catalina Island In December
  • Shop Catalina Holiday Kick-Off & Tree Lighting: Get into the holiday spirit by shopping for unique gifts and decorations, participating in decorating contests, and witnessing the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. This event is perfect for families and anyone looking to experience the island’s charming holiday atmosphere.
  • 49th Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration, Casino Ballroom: Ring in style at the iconic Catalina Island Casino in the new year. Dance the night away to live music, indulge in gourmet food and champagne, and celebrate with fellow revelers in a stunning ballroom setting. This event is essential for anyone looking to make New Year’s Eve memorable.

Still have questions? Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Is December a good time to visit Catalina Island?

While December may not have the warmest weather, it can still be a great time to visit Catalina Island. The cooler temperatures and occasional rain create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the island’s indoor attractions and festivities.  

Is Catalina Island fun in the winter?

Yes, Catalina Island can be fun in the winter! While some outdoor activities may be limited due to cooler temperatures and occasional rain, there are still plenty of things to see and do. Winter also tends to be less crowded than peak summer months, allowing you to enjoy a more intimate and peaceful experience.

What is the best time to go to Catalina?

The summer months of June through August are ideal if you’re looking for warm, sunny weather and a lively atmosphere. If you prefer milder temperatures and fewer crowds, spring (April-May) and fall (September-November) shoulder seasons are excellent choices. Winter (December-March) can be cooler and rainier but offers a unique, cozy ambiance and festive events.

What month has the best weather on Catalina Island?

August and September offer the best weather on Catalina Island. These months offer warm, sunny days with minimal rainfall and comfortable water temperatures for swimming and other activities. However, remember that these months are the busiest and most crowded on the island.

What should you wear to Catalina Island in December?

When packing for your December trip to Catalina Island, bring warm, layered clothing to stay comfortable in the cooler temperatures. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella in case of rain. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are also essential for exploring the island’s terrain. Bring a wetsuit or other protective gear to stay warm in the chilly ocean waters if you plan to participate in water activities.

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