Catalina Island In August

Catalina Island In August

August represents the final month of peak summertime on Catalina, with hot weather ideal for ocean adventures and the warmest Pacific waters of the year waiting to be explored. Let’s look at the weather conditions you can expect on Catalina Island during August and provide essential travel information to ensure your trip is nothing short of extraordinary. 

August Weather On Catalina Island

August is one of the hottest months of the year, bringing classic summer weather to Catalina. Daytime highs average in the upper 70s°F, while nights remain relatively comfortable. The island sees abundant sunshine in August, with over 13 hours of daylight and minimal precipitation.

August offers ideal conditions for Catalina’s iconic activities like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply lounging on the island’s sugar-soft beaches. Larger crowds continue flocking to the island to enjoy Catalina’s endless summer fun.

Average Temperature On Catalina Island In August

The average temperature on Catalina Island in August is 72°F (22.2°C), with highs of around 80°F(26.6°C), while average overnight lows fall to about 66°F (18.8°C). However, Catalina’s array of microclimates fluctuates across Avalon, Two Harbors, and inland areas.

Average Temperature On Catalina Island In August

Pack light clothing like shorts, tanks, tees, swimsuits, cover-ups, sun hats, and sandals to stay comfortable in the hot sunny weather. Light cotton or linen layers also work well. Have a sweater or hoodie on hand for cooler evenings.

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In August?

August brings abundant sunshine to Catalina, with an average of 347 bright sunny hours over the course of the month. Each day enjoys around 13.3 hours of daylight as Catalina basks in its sunniest season.

How Sunny Is It On Catalina Island In August?

The extensive sunny skies create prime tanning and beach conditions. To prevent painful burns, pack high-SPF sunscreen and seek shade during peak midday UV hours. Late afternoons are ideal times to hit the beach.

Does It Rain In August?

Due to its dry Mediterranean climate, wet weather is virtually nonexistent on Catalina Island in August. There is a 0% average chance of rain all month, and most years, see  0.0-0.1 inches of precipitation.

Does It Rain In August?

While umbrellas are unnecessary, having a thin, waterproof poncho or jacket can provide occasional relief from the rare passing sprinkle. Any ocean, hiking, or boating excursions are guaranteed to stay sunny and dry.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In August?

As an island during the dog days of summer, Catalina sees its peak humidity in August, with average levels around 75-80%. The mugginess comfort rating hits 2-3%, reflecting more tropical conditions.

How Humid Is Catalina Island In August?

The moisture makes the day feel hotter. However, the ocean breeze helps provide relief from the sticking heat. Seeking shade and AC interludes allow recuperation from spells of humidity when exploring the island.

How Windy Is Catalina Island In August?

Consistent with July weather, August brings Catalina’s least windy weather with gentle average wind speeds of 6.9 miles per hour, typically just light ocean breezes. This allows for an enjoyable time at the beach without harsh gusts.

How windy Is Catalina Island In August?

While hats may need to be held, activities like boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and parasailing won’t be disrupted by winds. The winds also help deter insects drawn to Catalina’s lush flora. August doldrums mean smooth-sailing weather!

Is The Water Warm In August?

As summer peaks, Catalina’s ocean also reaches its hottest temperatures in August. Average sea surface temperatures measure around 68°F but may reach up to 72°F on balmier days late in the month as kids prepare to return to school on the mainland.

Is The Water Warm In August?

These bathtub-like water conditions allow prolonged swimming, snorkeling, and ocean play. Wetsuits become optional for most visitors during August’s sweltering waters, prime conditions for seeing Catalina’s colorful marine inhabitants, like Garibaldi fish or octopus, up close.

Still have questions? Check out these answers to some commonly asked questions. 

Is Catalina Island warm in August?

Yes, August is one of Catalina’s hottest months, with average daytime highs around 80°F. With the hot sunshine comes ideal conditions for hitting the beach and partaking in water activities off the island’s coast.

Why is Catalina Island so famous?

Catalina’s Mediterranean charm, picturesque beauty, and historic landmarks like the Catalina Casino make it an iconic SoCal destination. It offers a scenic island escape just “26 miles across the sea” from the LA metro area.

How many days is enough in Catalina Island?

Most recommend spending 2-3 full days in Catalina to see the top sights in Avalon and enjoy some activities like hiking or kayaking without an overly rushed schedule. Add more days to explore the field further, like Two Harbors.

How long is the ferry ride to Catalina Island?

The ferry crossing from mainland California ports like Long Beach and Dana Point to Avalon takes about 1 to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on departure harbor and vessel speed.

How do you get around Catalina without a car?

Private cars are banned in Avalon, so visitors walk, bike, or use the free city shuttle. Further afield, tours, ferries, shuttles, and recreation rentals like kayaks or golf carts transport visitors between Catalina’s sights.

Does Catalina Island get crowded?

Yes, Catalina Island sees its largest visitor crowds during the summer months of June through August. Holidays and weekends are the busiest times when beaches, restaurants, and hotels fill up the most. Visiting in shoulder seasons provides a quieter island experience.

What to do on a rainy day in Catalina?

Rain is very unlikely to occur on Catalina Island during August. Still, on an off chance of showers, options include visiting indoor attractions like the Catalina Casino, Catalina Museum, or Avalon Theatre, shopping, having a spa day, taking a hotel fitness class, or cozying up in a cafe.

What is the homeless population on Catalina Island?

There is a small homeless population on Catalina Island, estimated to be less than 100 individuals, based mainly in Avalon and Two Harbors. Social services are limited on the remote island. The Catalina Island Conservancy also manages some inland campsites for the homeless with permits.

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